Cosmetologist-Attorney Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses 

Navigate the Laws and Regulations of FDA, FTC, and State Laws Relevant to Cosmetics Products and Innovations of Associated Industries


A multi-billion dollar industry, the field of cosmetics is always booming - now more than ever.  The global pandemic of the past year has spurred continuing consumer interest in color cosmetics, especially eye makeup, and a focus on taking better care of ourselves, our health, our physical appearance (hello video calls!) and our emotional well-being.  We believe that great products - whether color cosmetics, skin care solutions, dietary supplements to improve beauty from the inside out, aesthetic-related devices, intimate care products, and hair care products - play a vital role in not just our outward appearance, but our inner confidence and self-perception. 

Armed with stellar scientists who are experts in the art of product development and manufacturing, Cosmetics Law Counsel analyzes the attributes of your product to ensure that you have classified it properly as a cosmetic, drug, medical device, or combination product and are following the relevant laws and regulations.  We marry the technical details with the law, helping to ensure that you are also properly marketing and advertising your innovative product in a way that is truthful and not misleading to consumers.  As part of our service, we believe in working with you to understand your business plans and goals so that we can help you to identify issues, solve challenges, minimize risk, and maximize impact to serve your market.  We believe that innovation and safety can coexist, and want to be your partner in helping you reach as many people as you can, whether it is by providing a new item for a daily self-care routine or a groundbreaking solution that can profoundly impact appearance, mood, and confidence.   

WHAT Is Your Product? 

Helping You Understand FDA Laws & Regulations When Your Product is a Cosmetic, a Drug, a Device, or a Combination Product

HOW Do You Describe and Sell Your Product? 

Guidance on FTC and NAD Decisions Regarding What You Say About Your Product to Your Audience

WHO Do You Want To Buy Your Product and Be Loyal To Your Brand? 

Counseling on Other US Laws that May Apply to Your Product, Including Intellectual Property Laws, Privacy, and the CPSC

WHERE Do Want To Be? 

Helping You Navigate the Laws and Regulations in Other Countries


Jennifer Orendi has several years of experience in science, law, and as a small beauty business entrepreneur.  Her background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, and her laboratory experience prior to law school compliment her aptitude for identifying and analyzing issues at the intersection of law and science. Prior to law school, Jennifer graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University, where she was awarded one of the first undergraduate fellowships by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). She continued her research at laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and at the University of Wisconsin, and then attended Illinois Institute of Technology's Chicago-Kent College of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctor degree with a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law.

With several years as both a regulatory counselor and a litigator, Jennifer enjoys applying her knowledge of science and medicine to legal issues regarding OTC and cosmetic products marketed and sold to consumers who simply want to take good care of themselves, feel better about a cosmetic issue, or build more confidence into their lives because they feel better about their appearance. Jennifer believes that just like a great haircut, great products can change lives and has seen firsthand how people have transformed as a result of both fantastic professional cosmetologists, barbers, aestheticians, and makeup artists AND fantastic products.  

In addition to Cosmetics Law Counsel, Jennifer currently works on behalf of injured individuals at a nationally-acclaimed law firm. She previously worked for a large law firm specializing in the laws and regulations pertaining to the food, drug, and cosmetics industries.  Jennifer completed the Cosmetology program at The Aveda Institute in Washington, DC, and is also a licensed Cosmetologist.  She worked for several elite DC salons before starting Wish Mobile Beauty, an on-demand hair and makeup service specializing in weddings and events - all while practicing law.

Credentials and Memberships

Bar Admissions:

  • District of Columbia (2004) - Active and in Good Standing
  • Illinois (2002) - Inactive and in Good Standing
Active Cosmetology License in Maryland

  • Independent Beauty Association (IBA)
  • Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW)
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC)
  • New York State Bar Association, Section on Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Law;           Cosmetics Law Committee Co-Chair, 2016-2020.